International eTwinning Project: „Global Tour Bus“

Our school started in October 2021 with the organization for an international school cooperation to increase the internationalisation and networking from the HTL - Rankweil. The kick-off start for this project was 16. November with a Zoom Meeting with all 60 schools form 38 nations and 3 continents. It is actually the biggest eTwinning project in Europe. The duration of this programme is until 30. May 2021. With this project our school will apply for the “National Quality Label”. This will be one step to lead our school to an eTwinning School in 2022.

In this project 16 students from the class 1CHBT worked actively together with 60 other schools form Europe. The project leader has been the teacher Hubert Winkler and he has been in contact with the main project organiser from Turkey and the other international schools sometimes even on a daily basis. The students worked approximately one hour per week at school for this project and had regularly an Online Video Meeting via Zoom once a month in the evening with the other European Schools. The project was sometimes interdisciplinary with other subjects. We carried out many cultural activities and changed information about other European countries regarding cultures and people. The common tasks were activities to increase social skills, English language, technical abilities and the geographical knowledge. We produced a common cooking video with all schools, also we made a video about transnational work with poems, songs, eTwinning calendar and we played Kahoot and made eBooks about Sport & Games, Art & Clothes, Music & Dance and Food &Drinks from Austria. A common topic we dealt with the other students concerned media literacy, media competence and disinformation.

Some of our common work links in the project “Global Tour Bus”: (presentation of school); (cooking video); (Acrostic Poem); (Song); (Media Literacy and Disinformation); (Part1 Traditional Food and Drink); (Part2 Traditional Food and Drink); (Traditional Sports and Games); (Traditional Arts and Clothes); (Traditional Dance and Music); (Quiz about European states and cities) (Kahoot about European Flags); (eTwinning Calendar) );

We had fun with it and we hope you enjoy it too.

eTwinning Activities by the HTL – Rankweil in the School Year 2020/21
In the school year 2020/21 the HTL Rankweil made 4 projects in the Active TwinSpace.

1. Global Tour Bus

International eTwinning Project was a collaborative work with 38 nations from 3 continents, with around 60 schools from abroad, about cultural awareness and to improve the knowledge about other cultures and countries. In this project 16 students by the class 1CHBT and 3 students from the 3AHBT and the teacher Hubert Winkler are involved.

2. Discover Europe

In this international eTwinning Project with 10 schools from Europe the aim is to explore cultural heritage places, the landscape, and the nature. 16 students from the 1AHEL and the teacher Hubert Winkler worked active in this programme and changed information and made common projects.

3. To be or not to be addicted? That is the question! Am I?

The HTL Rankweil started in the school year 20/21 an Erasmus School Project, the “School Exchange Partnership” with 6 European Countries. The school started this project with eTwinning to be in contact with the other schools before our mobilities will start. In this project 15 students and the project leader Hubert Winkler are involved. Because of the Corona Pandemie the project mobilities were postponed and will start in November 2021.

4. DökoT - Das ökologische Talent

The HTL Rankweil takes part at an Erasmus Consortium Project by the Education Department from Styria. In this project our teachers will get the possibility to take part at many mobilities like jobshadowing or teacher training courses. For the communication with the other schools and the education department we will use the eTwinning platform. 8 Teachers from our school are involved in this project.

ERASMUS e-Twinning

Our school is part of the eTwinning community and collaborates with other schools from Europe. We´re interested in increasing our connection to other eTwinners and international schools to create new common projects. Our school want explore and discover new insights into other countries and schools and globale problems and learning from each other´s across borders. One of our actual project is to describe the habit of students and their addictions, where we work together with a school from France, Italy, Turkey and Romania.

Mit eTwinning können sie Schülerprojekte über das Internet bzw. auf einer geschützten Plattform mit anderen Schulen erarbeiten und präsentieren. Es werden auch regelmäßig eTwinning Fortbildungen im In- und Ausland für Lehrerinnen und Lehrer angeboten. eTwinning ist die Gemeinschaft für Schulen in Europa. Sie bietet jedem (LehrerInnen, SchulleiterInnen, BibliothekarInnen, etc.), der in einer Schule in einem europäischen Land arbeitet eine Plattform, um zu kommunizieren, kooperieren, Projekte zu entwickeln, sich auszutauschen und Teil einer Lerngemeinschaften Europas zu sein. Europäische Schulen können sich über eTwinning vernetzen und gemeinsam Projekte bearbeiten. Unsere Schule ist auch seit 2010 im Bereich eTwinning aktiv und auf der Plattform registriert, um sich mit anderen europäischen Schulen auszutauschen. Weitere Informationen dazu erfahren sie gerne beim Erasmus+ Schulkoordinator Prof. Mag. Hubert Winkler.

Aktuelles eTwinning Projekt: „Abhängigkeiten“

Derzeit bearbeitet eine Schulklasse ein Projekt über Formen und Ausprägungen von Abhängigkeiten mit einer Schule aus Frankreich, Italien, Türkei und Rumänien. Ziel ist es diese Abhängigkeiten im Ländervergleich zu analysieren und ein Videofilm zu präsentieren. Dieser Film soll präventive Wirkung haben und dem Ministerium für Gesundheit der Europäischen Union gezeigt werden.


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